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How does your cat eat?

How does your cat eat? Is your cat a messy eater, or she/he eats like a slob. There’re all kinds of eating styles. Let’s get to know how they eat and find out the reasons.

 #1 Shovel Eating

Tips: To maintain your cat’s better digestive and overall health, an elevated cat bowl is the best solution. To find out more about elevated bowl, check this post: The Best Elevated Cat Bowls That Cats Actually Love

Sometime you may think cats are weird but wonderful creatures, don’t you? This cat opens its mouth as wide as possible in a bid to shovel as much food as it can. It looks funny but you need to know reasons might contribute to the situation.

1) Cat’s personality or nature

As we all know cats are predator. They have the natural instinct to hunt and protect their prey,especially for feral cats. If they find their home and finally get regular food, they used to gorge like a hippo.( Heartbreaking) So please protect them with every ounce of your being. Let them understand they don’t need to worry about lack of food any more. There’re some possible soluctions.
Change bowls: Try offering canned food on flat plate, or dry food in shallower dishes.
Change dinning location: A quite laundry room may ease the cat’s nerves.

2) Tooth Problems

Some cats are more prone to dental problems. This might be attributed to various chemical components of the cat's saliva that lead to the inevitable tartar build-up and bacterial invasion. If your cat has signs of dental problems, you should take her to the vet for a detailed oral examination and brush your cat’s teeth daily.

#2 Eat with paws

Each cat has their own quirks and personalities. Elizabeth adopted a cat named Annie. She uses her paws like silverware, carefully scooping wet food into her mouth and then cleaning her paws. Elizabeth brought her to her vet and asked him about it. He explained that this behavior indicated a higher level intelligence….using her paws as a tool. Your cat is gifted!

#3 Eat like a slob

 #4 Cat Lays in Dinner Bowl While Eating

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