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Best Interactive Cat Toys

In this article we're going to be talking about the best interactive cat toys. For cats playtime isn't really optional. It's not just a nice little thing to add into your cat's routine. It's an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Cats are natural predators and playing taps into those natural hunting instincts, keeps them satisfied and healthy and helps to reduce their stress. So it's really important to make sure that your cat gets some play into their life. There are lots of different ways that cats can play they don't even necessarily need toys to get some good play in, but investing in a few good interactive cat toys can absolutely help your cat to get the stimulation that they need.

 After researching the cat toy market and identifying which toys have received the best customer reviews and have really solid reputations for quality longevity and entertainment we've chosen the following four products.

Without further ado let's jump into the reviews and talk about our top 4 recommendations for the best cat toys you can buy.

#1 Interactive Deformable Cat Toy

Our number one recommendation is the interactive deformable cat toy. This toy consists of a track through which moves a motion-activated catnip ball. The track is made by strong brown paper with magnet at the both end which helps the transformation. It allows you to create different shape and more transformation base you use the more creation you can make. It brings a lot of fun for you and your cats. It is lightweight and portable, it's easy to carry with for holiday trip. Overall it compare this track with other cat it senses toys, you can really expand out your selection of toys and create a little kitty cat playground.

Lepeto interactive deformable cat toy

#2 Petstages Tower Of Tracks

Our next recommendation is the Petstages tower of tracks interactive cat toy. This toy has three different circular tracks around which spin three lightweight plastic balls. The toy is intended to encourage your cat to chase the balls and send them spinning around the tracks. Now this toy receives outstanding customer reviews. People really seem to like it and it seems to have a pretty good reputation, for longevity as sturdiness and performance.  There aren't any parts that you're going to have to replace. It's just a really good simple toy. It has rubber pads on the bottom so that it isn't going to slip around on the floor. And overall it really seems to do exactly what it's supposed to.

 Petstages tower of tracks interactive cat toy


#3 Cat Dancer

Our next recommendation is the cat dancer. The cat dancer involves a springy piece of wire with rolled up cardboard on either end of that wire. So you're going to have a little cardboard handle and then a bundle of rolled cardboard at the end. Now the toy looks incredibly simple and it is incredibly simple but it has a very interesting way of moving that really resembles an insect kind of flying around. For a lot of cats that movement is incredibly enticing. So this product is again one of the most popular cat toys on the market. It's been tested by over eight million cats and a lot of them seem to absolutely love this toy. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a really good one style cat toy with a great reputation. One of the cool things about the camp dancer also is that it allows you to interact and play with your cat without doing a lot of moving around. So you can certainly run across the house with a cat dancer and get a lot of action out of it. But you can also get some very interesting and enticing movement out of the cat answer with just a shift of the wrist. So it can be a good option for people who have limited mobility, or just can't or don't want to move a lot. You could sit in a chair and move the cat dancer around, and it would still be a really interesting and entertaining experience for your cat as well as you.

cat dancer toy


#4 Hexbug nano robotic cat toy

Our next recommendation doesn't need you or your cat to do anything to get it moving. It's the Hexbug nano robotic cat toy. This is a battery operated toy that kind of skitters across the floor all on its own, looking a lot like a live cockroach or a small shoe or mouse running across your floor.  Now in my experience I found that the toy does have a few limitations. One is that it certainly doesn't work on carbon. The second is that even though the toy is advertised as having this excellent sense of balance, I did find that it could just flip over onto its back or  side, at least not quickly enough to keep your cat engaged in play again. I've read a lot of customer reviews from  people saying that their cat's absolutely loved it. So if your cat is one to get really excited about toys, in general I think that they're going to absolutely love to Hexbug Nano. I mentioned earlier that cat toys can stimulate your cat mentally and physically helping to keep them healthy and stress-free. So this toy capitalizes on that fact, by combining play and food. It's a combination that makes sense considering that your cat is a carnivorous predator and would be hunting for their food if they lived in the wild.

Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy

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