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How do I feed my picky cat?

There is a poem from my cat: Feed Me, Don't Touch Me. The End.

An educated poop shoveling officer should spend all his money on cats and establish a correct scientific development view of cat raising. It doesn’t matter if the clothes are torn, it’s okay to sew and repair them for another three years; if you don’t have money to eat, it’s okay to eat the leftovers for a day.


But there are always cats who don't appreciate it and do whatever they want with petting.

If you ask whether you have been desperate for anyone in your life? I must answer yes, that is, those kittens who skip meals or are picky eaters.

When you diversify the diet for the cat's health, he starts to bury it in front of you. 

"That is the love of the shit shovel officer, not your litter box."

 When you compare the evaluation articles of various cat foods and choose better cat food, he is coveting your takeaway.

When you are eager to buy cans of staple foods of different sizes and flavors, he is looking through the trash can.

In short, it is a word for them: My little cat is starving to death today, and will not eat cat food in a bowl!

If I can have a cat language interview with them, I must grab my ears and ask clearly: Why don't you eat cat food?!

Facing cats who are picky eaters, some poop shovel officers will say, "It's fine if you are hungry for two days." Would you try to be hungry for two days? ! Today, Mr. Meng Claw will talk about cats that are picky eaters. First of all, we must know the reasons why cats are picky eaters.

Why cats are picky eaters

The taste and cat food are "incompatible"

Just as some people like to eat coriander and some don't like coriander, cats also have different taste preferences.

Some cats like to eat seafood, some like the taste of poultry, and some like to eat meat from livestock, so the palatability of cat food is very important.

I don’t like eating when I’m sick

Cats are usually depressed and do not want to eat when they have a mild fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or other diseases.

Although there has not been a serious cat anorexia phenomenon, it should not be underestimated. If it is not detected in time and measures are taken, it may evolve into cat anorexia.

Frequent food changes cause picky eaters

Studies have shown that if dogs and cats are often adjusted to their diets, they will "like the new and dislike the old." In other words, they will choose a new flavor after being fed the same flavored diet for a period of time.

This rejection of familiar tastes is usually thought to be caused by the “monotony” or “fatigue” of the diet.

This is a common phenomenon for any species of animals that are very social and live in a comfortable environment.

What should the shovel officer do?

Aside from pathological picky eaters, what should I do if we simply talk about healthy cats?

Don't feed too many snacks and change food frequently

Snacks should be fed occasionally, just like children who eat too much chocolate and don't like regular meals. Control the amount.

Develop a feeding plan

It is recommended to feed the cat food regularly according to the recommended amount on the package. You can add it only once or give it twice so that you can intuitively observe its eating situation through the amount of remaining food in the pot during each feeding.

If it is wet food, it is recommended to place it for about 30 minutes to clean the food bowl .

Choose cat food with good palatability

Cats have different tastes, and how to choose cat food with good palatability is a difficult problem.

In order to solve this problem, a new type of production technology-biological enzymatic hydrolysis has appeared on the pet food market.

Claiming that it can improve the palatability of food , the application of this technology to cat food has aroused my curiosity. Today, I will take you to see the truth.

The traditional crushing process is to physically crush the meat, and the protein molecular structure is still intact. Only a small amount of the enzyme hydrolysate is added to improve the palatability , because the production cost is high if it is used in a large amount.

If biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology is used -animal protein raw materials are decomposed into small molecular protein peptides and amino acids under the catalysis of proteases, which will make the animal protein easier for pets to absorb while retaining the fresh nutrition of meat .

  • In other words, the use of biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology not only facilitates pet nutrition absorption but also improves the palatability of cat food.
  • As hydrolyzed diets are hypoallergenic and reduce food sensitivities, long-term use will help to reduce the possibility of new allergies. Hydrolyzed diets are complete and balanced, providing all the nutrients that cats need.
  • It's formulated with hydrolyzed soy proteins, composed of low molecular weight peptides, so they can be absorbed in the digestive tract with a reduced risk of triggering an immune reaction. Optimal amounts of B vitamins and amino acids reinforce your cat's skin barrier.

What is Maillard reaction?

For example, when the toast of the reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars, it will generate substances of high food flavor and color, so that more delicious bread , toast process is typical of the Maillard reaction.

This technology has been widely used in infant foods and high-end natural seasonings, but there are very few cat foods that use enzymatic hydrolysis technology in large quantities.


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