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Understand dog body language: why does my dog stare at me?

Dogs have their own language and we sometimes have a little trouble understanding them! Indeed, they use body language that is completely unknown to you, especially if it is the first time that you meet a dog. Fortunately, Lepeto is here to help you! We explain how to decipher the behavior of doggies! Today we answer the question: why is my dog looking at me?

Dogs are our best friends, and the bond that exists between a dog and his owner can be very strong. Since dogs can't talk, they express a lot through their eyes. Thus, it is not uncommon to realize that our doggie is watching us attentively. So what does this look mean? How to act? We tell you everything!

The gaze, a way of communicating with us

Of course, dogs can't talk to us. However, they constantly communicate with us, using non-verbal language. For new dog owners, this body language is not always easy to understand, as it takes some knowledge of dogs to decipher it. These behaviors are inherited from their ancestors and are therefore innate.

Gazing is one of the ways that dogs can communicate. Indeed, since their domestication, doggies have changed the way they look at us to obtain satisfaction more easily. They have 2 small muscles allowing them to raise their eyebrows, a physical characteristic that their ancestor, the wolf, does not have. They have therefore evolved to be able to make eyes at us, and thus get what they want.

So, what does our doggie tell us when he observes us? In truth, there is not just one answer, but several. To know what your doggie wants to express, you must also observe his posture when he stares at you. We will explain everything to you.

Your dog looks at you

Your dog watches you when he poops

All dog owners know that dogs like to maintain eye contact with us when they poop. It may seem embarrassing or even embarrassing, but for your dog, it is completely natural behavior, inherited from his past. Indeed, when dogs lived in the wild, they had to be constantly on alert to defend themselves against possible predators. However, when they are pooping, they are in a vulnerable position,and therefore need to know that they can have help in the event of an attack. Today, your dog is no longer really at risk of being attacked when he poops, but he has kept this habit of watching you while he poop to check that you are staying there. So don't be uncomfortable, this is normal and all dogs do it!

Your dog looks at you to ask you something

A stare from your dog is likely to mean he wants something. By staring at you, he's actually trying to get your attention, especially if you're busy. To find out what he wants from you, look at him. It is then likely that your dog will move to bring you to a strategic place like the kitchen, or near his leash for example.

This sustained gaze can also mean that your dog is waiting for instructions from you. He does not know what to do and waits for an order. This can happen if you are in the middle of a dog training session for example, or if you are in front of the door and your dog knows that he must wait for authorization to enter.

a dog looks at you to wait for your instruction

Your dog looks at you to express his affection

When you adopt a dog, you become his landmark. You have surely noticed that your dog knows your habits perfectly. This is normal, because he spends his days watching you. He knows your schedule by heart! You are at the center of his universe, moreover he completely depends on you whether to eat, poop or play. If you have a strong bond with your furbaby, you may occasionally notice that he is staring at you intently. It is a way for him to express all his affection to you.

Now your doggie's looks have no more secrets for you! Remember that to understand what your dog wants when he stares at you, you also need to observe his body posture. If in the majority of cases, dogs look at us to send us a message, it can also happen that this is a sign of a threat, especially if a dog that is unknown to you is staring at you. In this case, pay close attention to the dog's non-verbal cues. If he has bristly hair, bares his teeth, or growls, stay away from him.

And you, can you always guess your doggie's intentions? What does he mean when he looks at you intently? Tell us in the comments!

Everyone should be able to benefit from the affection of a doggie!

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