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Why Does My Cat Loss Hair? Cause and Treatment

This article introduces the reason why the cat loses hair. In general, there are several summarized as follows:

  • Excessive grooming
  • Allergies to food, fleas or environmental allergens.
  • Infection caused by yeast (usually Malassezia), bacteria (most commonly Staphylococcus), ringworm, or parasites (e.g., Demodex, Cheyletiella, Notoedres, or Otodectes mites).
  • Metabolic stress, like nursing, fever or pregnancy.
  • Endocrine Disease, such as hyperthyroidism (common) or Cushing’s disease (rare in cats).
  • Psychogenic alopecia, a behavioral issue in which the cat overgrooms due to anxiety and compulsion.

1. Diagnosis

First, the medical history is very important:

  • How long have you lost your hair?
  • Is it serious?
  • Is there any new growing hair?
  • Have you used any medicine? Is it effective?
  • Is there a change in the diet structure?
  • Environmental change? Move to a new house? Newcomer? New carpet?

2. Determine the cause

  • Check their Hair: Observe the hair under a microscope to confirm whether it is broken or naturally shedding.
  • Check their food: Food allergy is the most common cause, review for changes in diet, or switch to diet. Some added ingredients in cat food are the main cause of hair loss. That is why sometimes the food does not lose hair.
  • Check their skin: the possibility of discharging parasites through skin samples.
  • Check their blood: Evaluation of endocrine function.

check cat's hair

3. Treatment plan

There is no special method for hair shedding. Generally, the root cause of the problem should be solved.

  • Over-grooming: This is usually caused by stress, or possibly because your cat is obsessive-compulsive disorder. The solution is to wear the Elizabeth ring.
  • Flea / ringworm / mite: medication.
  • Food allergies: It's a troublesome problem, and you may need to check the allergens one by one.
  • Endocrine hair loss: This kind of hair loss, usually occurs on the side, abdomen, and hind legs. In the affected area, the hair usually becomes sparse. This reason for hair loss, through the above several reasons, can be inferred. Fortunately, this is just a cosmetic problem and not much affect physical health. Treatment is not recommended. It can be optimized from the diet and living environment.
  • Psychogenic alopecia: the symptoms similar to endocrine hair loss, but it is mainly caused by pressure. Antidepressants, environmental isolation and other ways that allow cats to reduce stress to relieve hair loss.

4. A few groups that can shed their hair easily

Nursing cat mom: caused by endocrine disorders.

Weaning kitten: caused by feeding pressure, doesn’t need any treatment.

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