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Eclipse, the dog who takes the bus alone!

Dogs are great companions, loyal and devoted. It's not for nothing that they have earned the nickname "man's best friend"!  Today we're going to tell you the amazing story of Eclipse, a dog who has taken to going to the park by taking the bus... alone!

A dog traveling on a bus is a rare thing. So, what about a doggy who takes the bus by herself? We bet you've never seen that in your life! And yet, there is a doggie who goes to his favorite park by bus, and this, without his master. How is such a thing possible? That's what we are going to explain to you!

Daily routine

Eclipse, a black Labrador and Mastiff mix, lives in Seattle with her owner, Jeff Young. Every day, the duo has a well-oiled ritual. They take public transportation to the Belltown dog park. Jeff and Eclipse's home is located near a bus stop, and the dog park is only a few stops away.

So this little trip was repeated countless times by Eclipse, so she recorded every detail of it. This habit is part of Eclipse's daily routine, so she knows it by heart.

A master not fast enough

One day, while Eclipse and her master were waiting for the bus as usual, the bus arrived when Jeff had not yet finished his cigarette. Eclipse, impatient to go to his favorite park, didn't want to wait for his master and jumped on the bus before he had time to say "wow! And, under his astonished eyes, the dog went quietly to her usual place while the bus resumed its route, without Jeff.

Jeff, worried about his dog being alone, took the next bus to catch up with her. He easily found her at the dog park. She had managed to get there safely on her own and hadn't even missed her stop. Incredible, isn't it?

So Eclipse had memorized the entire route in great detail and was now able to do it on her own, and without error.

Eclipse, an independent dog

From now on, when Jeff is not ready for the bus to arrive, Eclipse does not ask herself any questions and climbs into the vehicle. She even wears her bus pass around her neck! Indeed, Eclipse is a citizen and never travels without paying her ticket!

Seeing that Eclipse's little escapades were going well and that it wasn't a problem, Jeff has now gotten into the habit of letting her go on her little solo ride.

The story has made the rounds and Eclipse is now a small local star. Every bus driver in Seattle knows her and lets her ride, even though she's not on a leash like the rules say. She sits in a seat from which she can watch her stop, under the tender gaze of the other passengers.

But Eclipse's fame goes beyond the city of Seattle as she now has her own Facebook page followed by some 100,000 followers! She has also been the subject of several articles in newspapers. Animal lovers all over the world are amazed by this doggie's ability to get to the park alone!


Of course, Eclipse's story is an exception. Few dogs can ride the bus by themselves. In Eclipse's case, such a thing is possible because the local authorities have given their approval, and the bus drivers have also agreed to let the lady ride unsupervised. It is moreover a small trip of 3 or 4 stops. But the ability of this doggie to memorize this route and to reproduce it is still amazing, isn't it?

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