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Cats knead? Top reasons why cats make biscuits

Hooman are not strangers to cats’ kneading. Whenever cats are free, they can be found all over the warm bed, the comfy sofa and the plush carpet. The cat will use its thick paw pads to give you a free "massage" and the cat will make a very satisfying purring sound. Why are cats so keen on making biscuits?


Cat instincts

When a kitten is first born, it has to be breastfed by its mother to provide it with the nutrients it needs to grow, and before it can open its eyes, it slowly feels its way to its mother's breast and begins to enjoy its first meal of its life. By kneading the fatty tissues of the mother's nipples, the kitten will stimulate the secretion of her breast milk and obtain more milk to speed up her growth.


Missing the time with the mother

The time between the birth of a kitten and its mother is usually not too long. After the kitten opens its eyes, it is sent away every few days and before it can enjoy the warmth of its mother for a few days, it is forcibly separated from its mother, leaving its familiar environment and the warm embrace of its mother. Kneading has not only become an instinct for cats, it has also become one of the ways for kittens to express how much they miss their mothers.
Kittens will also remember their mother's special tenderness and, by kneading, imagine that they are still snuggled in their mother's arms, enjoying her gentle gaze, and get a special sense of inner satisfaction, purring with contentment.

 kitty makes bisucits because he miss his mom

Desire for attention

When cats are in heat, they use their purring to get attention from the opposite sex. If there’re two cats in your home, how do they express your desire for attention? It's like “to capture your heart, you have to capture your stomach”, and cats believe that 'if I make knead well enough, he won't run away and become my cat”.


Defining their own territory

There is definitely more to the making-biscuits behavior than simply missing their mothers. Although cats do not have to grab their own territory for activities as they did before, the habits handed down from their ancestors belonging to the feline family do not change. There are many scent glands on the thick flesh of the cat's pads, and the cat will secrete its own unique scent when making biscuits, marking everything it likes, warning other animals that this is covered by the King of Meow, and if you dare to touch it, you will be taught how to be a cat. You should feel honoured to when the cat climbs up on your lap and make some bread, it means he accepts you as his hooman.


Happy and relaxed

When people are relaxed, they lie comfortably on the sofa or do something they like, and when cats are relaxed, they will knead in a variety of soft and warm places. Cats will feel safe when they are kneading and will let go of anything that disturbs them, even if they are "enemies".

cats make biscuits

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