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What To Put On Dog Tag

For any dog owner, losing their furry friend is the worst nightmare. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to find lost dogs with things like GPS trackers and microchips. But don't forget about the simple dog tag—it's still super important. However, deciding what to put on your dog tag can be tricky. You need to include everything necessary, while ensuring it's easy to read.

At Lepeto, we engrave dog tags daily and have learned a lot along the way. We know what works and what doesn't. Here are the top things to consider when deciding what to include on your dog's ID tag:
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Essential Information for Dog Tags

  1. Phone number: It's the most important thing to have on your dog's tag, because it's the quickest, and most direct way for someone to reach you if your dog gets lost.
engravings on small dog tag
    1. Medical Needs: Adding medical details to your dog's tag is highly recommended. This helps anyone who finds your dog give the right care, increasing the chances of a safe and swift reunion with you. Plus, it can deter potential thieves and keep your dog safe. A common phrase is "Needs meds."
    2. Microchip Information: Microchipping adds extra protection in case your dog loses its collar and tag. You can simply mention "Microchipped" or "Microchip" on the dog tag. This tells people to take the dog to a vet or shelter to scan for the microchip.

    Optional but helpful details to include on the dog tag

    1. Your address: Including your address on an ID tag is helpful if someone nearby finds your dog. However, it's optional because you can give them your address when they contact you.
    2. Your dog’s name: Putting your dog's name on a dog tag is a personal choice. Some argue that it makes it easier for someone to "steal" your dog if found, as the finder can use the name to bond with them. Others believe that it won't stop a thief since if they can read your dog's tag, they might be close enough to take them anyway.
    border collie dog tag

      Personalization Options for Dog Tags

      Here are some cute or funny phrases you could consider adding to your dog's tag to add personality and charm if there's enough room.
      1. "Hi! I'm Babe"
      2. "Oops, lost again!"
      3. "If found, please text my Mom at..."
      4. "Call my mom and dad!"
      5. "Kindly contact my mom."
      We hope these suggestions offer useful guidance on what's most important to include on your dog's ID tags.
      Now that you have all the info you need, it's time to get creative and make a tag that shows off your dog's personality while keeping them safe. Happy tagging!

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